Steel City Gutters


“…. Drip, drip, drop little April showers beating a tune as you fall on the ground…”

When its officially springtime, daylight hours are longer, nature comes into bloom and things begin to feel a little brighter, as we leave behind the darkness of winter. Of-course one of the necessary driving forces behind the blooms of spring, are the April showers. Flowers don’t grow and leaves won’t turn green, without that ‘drip, drip, drop’.

After our recent prolonged dry spell, the ground is more than ready for bucket loads of drips and drops, to tumble down out of the sky.

As those interested in maintaining functioning gutter systems on your property, our question is “Are your rooflines prepared for it”?

Whether you think it’s a routine gutter clearance or a repair, that needs seeing too, we’d gently encourage you to prepare well for the wet weather now – rather than give us an emergency call later!

Perhaps you share your roofline with someone else? Or maybe you live on a cul-de-sac and think everyone’s in the same boat? We can offer special discounts and deals if multiple properties want to take advantage of our service.

You know who to call!