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If you’re looking for gutter cleaning, gutter repairs or gutter replacement in Sheffield, we’re your Go To Company!
If you need your conservatory cleaned or your drive and patio pressure washed and made to look as good as new, we’re here for you.
And because of our commitment to value, dependability and quality, we know Steel City Gutters will be the company you come back to, time after time!

Gutter Cleaning

At Steel City Gutters we like to get up close with your gutters so we can directly see their condition and provide you with the best service.

Once we have examined your gutters, all being well we will be able to remove all the moss, leaves and debris by hand.

Steel City Gutters Gutter Clean 2

Occasionally, where we cannot access gutters with ladders, we will use a long pole camera to assess the gutter’s condition and a SkyVac water system to conduct a thorough clean.

A regular clean ensures your gutters work as intended, for most this is an annual visit unless you live in an area with lots of deciduous trees, in which case we can advise an appropriate frequency of visit when on site.


We also clear moss off roofs, and can clean fascia and soffits, see below for more information.

Steel City Gutters long pole water clean

Gutter Repair and Replacement

At Steel City Gutters, we believe prevention is much better than cure, and a regular gutter clean should keep them in prime condition.

For many homeowners, checking on your gutters condition is often too difficult and sadly “out of sight” often means “out of mind”. As a result, gutters don’t get the love and attention they need leading to them becoming clogged and damaged.


Steel City Gutters blocked gutter 1

If your gutters need extra attention or are no longer fit for purpose, then please complete the Contact Us form below and we will be happy to visit and provide a no obligation quote.

Steel City Gutters Gutter Repair 1

Conservatory and Orangery Clean

Whatever size or shape, at Steel City Gutters, we can clean them all, with our professional conservatory cleaning service using the latest equipment, such as a water-fed pole system, along with good, old-fashioned elbow-grease to ensure the best smear -free results.

If your property is in Sheffield or the surrounding area and you would be interested in receiving a free, no-obligation quote for getting the outside or inside of your conservatory cleaned, please call 07943 994 779.

Steel City Gutters Conservatory Clean Exterior1

Drive and Patio Clean

A driveway or patio clean creates the biggest smile for our customers. Our extensive clean brings their drive or patio back to its prime while saving them precious time and hassle so they can get on and enjoy their weekend.

Using all the latest equipment, Steel City Gutters offers the following professional drive and patio cleaning services across Sheffield:

  • Pressure washer clean.
  • Sanding & sealing block paving.
  • Moss treatment.
For a free no-obligation quote for drive or patio cleaning that will make you smile call 07943 994 779.  
Steel City Gutters Patio Clean 1

Roof Cleaning

If your roof has become a moss magnet, then now is a good time to arrange a clean.

Moss and lichen on your roof are a concern due to the retention water that can lead to unsightly staining. If left untreated though, tiles can become damaged, with the increased risk of water seeping into roof timbers which can ultimately start to rot the timbers.

A roof clean every few years will help keep your roof free of moss and the problems it can create.

Specialist equipment is needed to clean your roof including our lightweight long pole cleaning system.

Steel City Gutters Roof Clean

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Part of your house’s architecture, fascia and soffits protect your roof rafters from the elements, creating a seal between the inside of your home and the exterior.

High up, they are easy to ignore but as with the rest of your home, they benefit from regular maintenance and cleaning.

Steel City Gutters Soffit and Fascia Clean 1