Steel City Gutters

Prevention or Cure?

One of the things that the COVID pandemic is underlining for all of us is that prevention is much better than a cure. Avoiding infection altogether is way better than ending up in an ICU on a ventilator if at all possible. It’s the same principle in many areas of our lives. Topping your car engine up with oil every now and then is better than getting it towed to a garage to have a seized up engine repaired or even replaced! Exactly the same principle applies to all areas of external cleaning of our property. 

Let me explain it this way. I confess to not infrequently being too busy (a.k.a lazy!) to wash my car, so I just stop off at the Car Wash on Abbeydale Road and pay others to do it. That’s fine and I’m always pleased with the result, but it means that I seldom lift the bonnet, or get to take a close look at the paintwork or door seals. It’s only when it’s washed, and the doors opened and the carpet vacuumed that I get to spot potential problems so I can fix them or have them fixed before they become actual problems.

When we pressure wash a drive or patio, or clean a conservatory or get up to inspect gutters and fascias, we not only get the job done, we also get a close look at the general state of repair. That means we can then alert you to something that may soon become a problem or turn into a bigger, more expensive problem further down the line. 

Like I said, prevention is better than a cure. But don’t worry, we’ve got plans afoot to help you with that. So like they say, watch this space! 


Steel City Gutters provides the following services:

  • Gutter cleaning, repair & replacement including wooden guttering
  • Conservatory & uPVC cleaning
  • Drives & patios pressure washed