Steel City Gutters

Avoid Gutter Cleaning At Your Peril!

Have you heard the one about the couple who didn’t get their gutter’s cleaned and now they can’t touch them because they’ve been designated as protected wetland?

Obviously that’s a joke (honest!), but it is an important reminder that keeping an eye on your guttering is a key aspect of property maintenance. Here are a few indicators that your gutters need some attention before they start to resemble Endcliffe Park. 


We all like plants and ferns, but in the right place and we all know that a gutter isn’t the right place! But birds drop seeds and if a gutter hasn’t been cleaned regularly, it will prove to be fertile ground for seeds dropped to flourish. But if it’s vegetation you’re looking for, get it removed from your gutters and put into plant pots which are a safer bet. 


Waterfalls can be spectacular to watch, but not if they’re coming from your gutter or the top of your downpipes. The purpose of a gutter is to be a conduit to take rain water away from your property in a controlled manner. If you can see water coming out, then you know something is wrong. 


What’s not to like about wildlife? Quite a bit as it happens. There’s a lot not to like about squirrels and other ‘critters’ in your roof space, and unattended gutters both encourage and facilitate them being there. Keep them clean and free flowing, and there’s nothing to attract them. It also means that when we’re keeping them spick and span, we can also check out your tiles and any timber work up there, so killing two birds with one stone as it were. Though we’d be sure to take them away with us! 

Steel City Gutters provides the following services:

  • Gutter cleaning, repair & replacement including wooden guttering
  • Conservatory & uPVC cleaning
  • Drives & patios pressure washed