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Thank You Very Much!

It is impossible to overstate the impact the past few months have had upon our lives and there is clearly more to come. In times of upheaval like these, we all tend to re-evaluate our priorities and preferences.

Some of us have found a new passion for exercise while others have reaffirmed their passion for chocolate! For some, there was a time when work was everything, but now it doesn’t seem quite so important. In different ways, we have all had to come face to face with our own vulnerability, be that potentially or actually.

Judging by the growing level of participation in the Clap for Our Carers at 8pm each Thursday evening, one thing we have all come to appreciate are those who are there for us in times of need. Which is why, as a company we want to show our support and appreciation for those who have been and continue to be willing to go to work regardless of the risk from the virus. So if you are a Care Worker and work in a hospital or a care home, a school, nursery or with those with special needs, we will give you a 25% discount on any work you invite us to do. That includes gutter cleaning, gutter repairs or gutter replacement. Along with conservatory cleans and drives & patios pressure washed.

Just call or email us, quoting CareWorker and let us say, the best way we know how...

Thank you very much!

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