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It May Not Be A Castle But It’s Still My Home!

TV programmes about homes fill the weekly schedule. From Location! Location! Location!, through DIY SOS, all the way to Escape to the Chateau: DIY! Although we may have dreams or even aspirations of owning a Chateau in France, few of us will actually get to do it. But that doesn’t mean that our homes aren’t just as significant and important. What the warmth and sunshine of this beautiful Spring and early Summer are enabling us to do is to get serious about getting our homes in shape, and in 3 particular ways:

Steel City Gutters - Clean Drive

(1) Drives - these are far more than somewhere to park our car. They lead people into our homes and give a taster of what’s inside. They take a lot of wear and tear, and a regular clean and some TLC goes a long way to keeping them in good order and so reducing significant costs later on.

(2) uPVC - the sunshine shows up the grime that’s built up over winter as rain has washed in dust and particles from the atmosphere. Getting that uPVC cleaned can almost look like a complete face lift of our property.

(3) Conservatories - these originated in the 16th Century as a means for the wealthy to grow citrus fruits which were becoming increasingly popular. Now they are an elegant and functional extension of our homes and places to relax and enjoy the sun when it’s not warm enough to sit outside. Keeping the glass clean and the structure maintained is not only essential, it also helps maximise the benefit that a conservatory brings.

Obviously, these aren’t little jobs which is where Steel City Gutters comes into it’s own! Why not view us as your very own Nick Knowles or even Dick Strawbridge?


Steel City Gutters provides the following services:

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