Steel City Gutters

Once the spring / summer months come around, you, our customers, tend to start enquiring about a whole host of exterior cleaning jobs.
First and foremost we are gutter specialists. However, having done other types of exterior cleaning many, many times over, we can confidently and competently complete such tasks. Using our top standard equipment, we consistently return a quality result.
Common enquiries for exterior cleaning include: uPVC washing, driveway and patio pressure washes and conservatory valets.
Please note, we do not do window cleaning nor take on window cleaning rounds.
May is a particularly good time to get your patio cleaned so it will sheen all summer long. Cleaning it sooner rather than later, frees you up to enjoy the space at its best just when you’ll want to be using it for your morning coffees, evening drinks and weekend BBQs!
If you want us to pressure wash your patio, here is a description of the process to give you an idea of what’s involved.

Our process

  • We’ll clear away any loose debris such as fallen leaves and big weeds.
  • With the specialist patio pressure head, we will methodically work over the patio area. Often this will mean working toward the point of drainage. Please note that a mains water supply is required for this.
  • A different pressure head is then selected to wash down surfaces that have picked up dirt and debris. This may also be used to quickly go over the patio area again.
  • The cleaning process does not involve chemicals.
  • Any garden furniture, plant pots and other items which may reside on the patio area will need to be isolated prior to undertaking the work.
Want your patio to gleam? Then call the Steel City Gutters team!