Steel City Gutters


We’ve already had our first few hints of the spring showers to come… and the phone lines were nearly swept away!

So just a gentle reminder as those showers continue to pass by our way, to book ahead and avoid disappointment.

Heavy rains and snowfall often lead to many reports of damage to gutter systems. Typically, this occurs on wooden systems which haven’t been maintained or plastic systems which may not have been installed correctly in the first place. 

After incurring such damage, it’s always tempting to see how long you can get away with not attending to it. During spring and summer, we want to get out more and enjoy ourselves a little, rather than thinking about the place we’ve been cooped up inside of over winter.   


However, we want to counsel against a ‘survival’ mindset and instead suggest a ‘revival’ one! Between March and the end of September is the optimal time to repair, revive or replace your gutter systems. This is particularly true of timber systems because maintenance treatments can’t be effectively carried out in winter months. 

Not sure where you stand?

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Next time it rains, grab a brolley and look at the roofline on your house. Look out for any wet patches on walls, water running on the outside of your downpipe, waterfalls (big or small) from over the side of your gutter system or any unplanned rooftop gardens.

If you spot any of these signs or anything else untoward, film it and send it over to us and we can advise on next steps.

For gutter care at a price that’s fair, you know who to call!